Miss Bliss Treats are raw, healthy, homemade, energy boosting bliss balls. We are 100% natural and refined sugar free with high protein, gluten free, paleo, dairy free and vegan combinations available. 

Miss Bliss Treats are crammed with superfood goodness! Containing, dates, cacao and chia seeds (plus much more) they promote healthy digestion and purify the body. The raw products have been proven to improve mood and act as an appetite suppressant. One of the main ingredients is dates which provide the body with an immediate burst of energy, this makes Miss Bliss Treats perfect for your mid morning pick-me-up or if you’re having a sluggish afternoon. Snack on one for energy boosting properties!

“they promote healthy digestion and purify the body”

The owner, creator and nutritionist Jacqui first established her love for creating and sharing healthy treats from her blog Get Fit Chicks. Miss Bliss Treats began as a branch from her blog after an overwhelming response from her fan base to the bliss balls. 

Launched in January 2014 Miss Bliss Treats are now stocked in over 20 cafes and shops around Brisbane, QLD.